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How it works for babysitters and nannies

I am a parent

Over 870,000 families and babysitters / nannies all across Italy are on Sitly. You can easily find a family for whom to babysit.

Step 1 1. Fill in your info

Add your availability, your experience, and babysitting rate to your profile and upload a photo you’d also use on your CV. Based on your filters, you’ll see the families who match you best.

Step 2 2. View family profiles

If you see a family that you like, visit their profile to find out more about their situation. Read about their kids and what they look for in a babysitter or a nanny to see if it's a match.

Step 3 3. Meet families

Send a message to the parents you like best. If you like your conversation, you can set up an interview to get to know them and their children. After the interview, you can decide if it's a match.

Do you have a question for us?

What is Sitly?

With Sitly, you can find a babysitter or family to babysit for in your area. You can easily contact them, plan an interview and make further arrangements. It’s up to you to decide what kind of babysitter or family is best for you, so you can make your own decisions about who to contact.

Does registration mean any kind of commitment?

No. Registration is without obligations, free and without any kind of commitment. You can choose for yourself if you want to agree to an interview with parents, babysitters and/or childminders in your area. Arranging a babysitter or family is completely up to you.

Are parents and babysitters screened by Sitly?

You should look at Sitly as an online marketplace. Everyone can register or send messages. We don’t screen people beforehand, but of course we do check regularly if someone places inappropriate texts. It is up to parents and babysitters to make a selection of what they look for at Sitly.

We do advise to carefully work on that selection, for example, to ask for references and plan an interview. This way, you’ll get the best picture of a potential babysitter or family.