Verónica & Evie “Evie has become like a member of the family. She's like an older sister to the girls and she helps to teach them English.”


Verónica and Pedro have three daughters and hired an English babysitter, Evie. Evie is English and spends the school year living at Veronica and Pedro's house. She takes care of their 3 daughters and teaches them English.

Verónica (parent):

Evie and the girls share a special bond. I remember the weekend when Evie went on a trip to England. My daughters cried, even though they knew she would be coming back. I don’t want to think about what it’ll be like when she finally goes back to England for good. They’ll miss her so much. Evie is like an older sister to them and they love her. They have lots of fun together, but she also helps them with their homework and they respect her.

What do you like about Evie?

Verónica: “First of all, she loves my daughters. When she comes into the house, the first thing she’ll do is to kiss and hug them. She’s enormously empathic and very affectionate. She easily adjusts to their different ages and characters. She likes to do different things with them, like crafting or dancing with them on the Wii. She’s become a member of our family. We’re all very happy to have her.”

Evie, what do you like most about the family you live with in Spain?

Evie: From the start, we had a connection. I don’t feel like I’m away from home and I don’t miss England, because I feel like a part of the family. The girls are like little sisters to me. I like working with kids because they’re straightforward, positive, their feelings are transparent, they’re always enthusiastic and are always willing to learn new things. When I hear them speak English now, I’m so proud of them and of the work we’ve done together."

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