Carmen & Flavia “Five minutes into her interview and she was already sitting on the floor playing with Giulia.”


Sometimes a child and a new babysitter just hit it off immediately. Like Giulia and Flavia.

Michele (father):

"When I suggested to my wife Carmen that we should look for a babysitter online, she said NO! But then she reconsidered, and we met Flavia. And we are very happy that we did."

Why did you choose Flavia?

Michele (father): "During our interview, she sat on the floor and started playing with Giulia. I really liked that. Flavia is a very nice girl. And she reminded me of myself when I first came to this city."

How was it the first time you met Giulia?

Flavia: “During our first interview, Giulia took my hand and said "Shall we go and play?" So we did. It went so well, that Carmen and Michele went to get some pizza for dinner and I stayed to watch Giulia. When they came back, we had dinner together. It was a great start!"

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